Lacing of Running Shoes.

Lacing of Running Shoes.

There are various ways to lace your running shoes dependant on your foot type. In this blog we outline a few of the commonest ways.

Runners Loop.

This is particularly good for holding the heel securely in the heel counter which prevents the foot from slipping forward in the shoes and causing bruising, blistering and possible loss of toenails.  

Firstly thread the lace through the “extra” hole in the shoe to create a loop (diagram 1) crossover the laces and thread through this new loop (diagram 2).

Pull the laces up tight as normal and fasten.  


High Arch or Nerve Irritation on top of the foot.

 Also known as window lacing.  This technique reduces the pressure on the top of the foot if you have a high arch foot type or if the top of your foot gets irritated during a run. Lace as normal until the area of irritation is reached and then continue lacing on the same side so the affected area has no laces crossing over it, then continue lacing as normal.

Lacing for a wide foot.

This is basically the same as above but the “window” is placed further down the lace holes to allow the shoe to spread to better accommodate the foot.

In this example one set of holes has been missed completely, this can be adjusted to suit personal needs, i.e. continue normal lacing from the second set of holes instead of the third.

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